I'm a consultant, what do I do?

Well, that's a complicated one as I do a lot of different things. My skills can be broken down under these three categories;

Public Speaking Image

Public Speaking

This is where I get to impart my knowledge to other people,about the subjects that I am passionate about. Sustainability, drying techniques, effects of fire and flood business continuity.

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Project Management

This is where I plan, organise, secure and manage resources to achieve specific goals from beginning to end.

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Global Consultancy

As a consultant, I am able to provide professional/expert advice on environmental issues, risk assessment and damage and disasters worldwide.

What my clients say about me

I work with a large range of clients from various technical backgrounds. Here's what some of them have to say about me.


I cannot recommend Lloyd Wren enough to anyone who requires assistance in the field of Disaster Management. Lloyd has been a great asset to me and my business. He is a very loyal and honest man and it has been a privilege working with him. William B Merrit - ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) CIP


Lloyd really is one of a kind. His incredible breath and depth of both technical and international commercial skills are quite exemplary. He always looks for the win:win. Highly recommended whether its about disaster recovery or developing international business for his clients, give him a try. Ray Kleiner MBA - International Entrepreneur